Top 10 Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaners In 2022 Reviews

Top 10 Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaners In 2022 Reviews

Having a decent aquarium filter is only one of the components that you should keep your aquarium clean. To eliminate the dirt and debris sitting on the bottom of the tank, you will require the best aquarium vacuum cleaners. This type of vacuum cleaner is different from its electronic appliance counterpart.

An aquarium vacuum for sand isn’t in fact a “vacuum” cleaner since it doesn’t use a vacuum to make suction. It uses a guide to suck up the water and the gunk at the bottom of the tank and in the middle of the gravel and eliminate it from the tank.

Aquarium vacuum cleaners are not new. They have been around for some years. This implies you will have a large variety of brands of top aquarium gravel vacuum cleaners to browse, which is a troublesome errand in itself.

Be that as it may, this article will attempt to make it simpler for you to pick an aquarium vacuum cleaner by helping you with what to search for.

10 Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaners 2022 Reviews

1. Laifoo Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Easy to use
  • Has a long 7-ft hose
  • Cleans gravel without disturbing the fish
  • Durable and safe for fish


  • The filter is too fine and clogs easily

In the event that you have been keeping aquariums however long I have, you likely despised using elastic hoses to siphon water from the tank into buckets. This is undoubted because you disdain to get a significant piece of sickening tank water in your mouth when you are attempting to get the water to stream.

This won’t be an issue with this choice for the most notable aquarium vacuum for sand. The explanation is that you just need to pump an elastic ball to start the water stream.

Regardless of whether you own a large tank, you will have a lot of hosen to work with. This siphon has a 7-ft long elastic hose so you can arrive at the bottom of 100-gallon tanks without any problem. It likewise accompanies a handy clasp that gets the power source onto the edge of the pail. This keeps the opposite end from unintentionally showering water all around your floor.

I generally use this at whatever point I am doing incomplete water changes. This helps clean the tank and eliminates a portion of the water in it. The cleaning attachment likewise helps clean the gravel without kicking up the sand and blurring up the water. In addition, it keeps the small fish from getting sucked up into the hose.

This device is produced using high-grade versatile plastic, which is perfectly alright for fish and sea-going plants. In any case, I strongly suggest washing the hose under running faucet water to dispose of any mineral oils that could have stayed on a superficial level after the assembling system.

Albeit this device is quite handy, I could have done without the filter attachment. I have a tank that holds a couple of goldfish and the filter gets stopped up effectively at whatever point I attempt to clean up the wreck that my fish made. The filter is basically too fine to even think about allowing the strong to waste made by bigger fish.

Albeit this best fish tank vacuum is actually a siphon that has a strainer to get gravel and other coarse aquarium substrates, it actually worked effectively of cleaning the majority of the dirt and waste that settled at the bottom of my tank.

2. KASAN Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

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  • Has a long handle to help keep your hands dry
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with several attachments for added versatility
  • Useful for water changes


  • The pump is not that durable

What I abhorred the most while using some battery-worked aquarium vacuum cleaners is that you should dunk your hands in the water (a whole arm for bigger tanks) to arrive at the sides of the tank. This device has a long handle that empowers you to clean your tank completely yet with the additional advantage of keeping your hands dry.

This is one of the most straightforward to use of all the battery-worked fish tank vacuum cleaners I have tried these recent years. You can see the priming pump at the handle of the gravel cleaner so you can promptly start cleaning once the water starts flowing. The pump is effective as it would just take a couple of pumps to get the water moving.

One more decent touch is the inclusion of additional attachments that accompany the set. There is an extension tube for when you really want to clean a large tank. There is additionally another that you can use for sucking up general debris. In addition, there is a wide one that is for completing the process of cleaning.

Besides cleaning, you can likewise use this fish tank gravel cleaner vacuum for doing water changes. Simply using the direct without the end attachments is great for doing fractional or full water changes. This is an extraordinary method for exhausting a fish tank.

Be that as it may, assuming you will fill it back in the future, you should elevate the buckets to well over the highest point of the aquarium. On the off chance that you don’t, then the siphon wouldn’t work.

I would have adored using this tool on a more regular basis if by some stroke of good luck it was somewhat tougher to take action. Subsequent to using it only one time, I can as of now tell that the pump uses wobbly plastic for its construction.

Furthermore, subsequent to using it for a month (incomplete water changes consistently), the pump had a small tear, which made it worthless. Fortunately, I had the option to fix it briefly using a touch of tape.

This is the perfect aquarium vacuum cleaner for individuals who could do without submerging their whole arm into their tanks. With this device, aquarium cleaning is a lot simpler and more pleasant.

3. COODIA Vacuum Gravel Cleaner

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  • Has several different uses
  • Can also filter the water
  • Does not require priming – It comes with a submersible pump, too
  • Cleans the tank without disturbing the fish


  • Cannot be used on small tanks

This item is a 3-in-1 aquarium cleaning solution. In the first place, it is an electric gravel cleaner, a slime remover, and a handy sub pump for water changes. I need to concede, that I was not hoping to like this item however much I really do at the present time. It has a sort of adaptability that made it one of the most used tools in my stockpile.

Another pleasant attachment that this tool has is the water filter. This appends to the water outlet and forces the water through several layers of filter media. With that, it keeps the water from getting overcast. Not at all like other gravel cleaners, it can flow the water as opposed to eliminating it from the tank.

Something else that I loved is that this tool uses a strong submarine pump to give the suction rather than simply depending on a guide to get the water flowing. This implies that you can likewise use this tool to top off aquariums and not simply void them. I simply place the pump in the pail of clean water and connect a hose returning into the tank.

Despite the fact that strong sub-pump powered up this cleaner, it was shockingly delicate when it was cleaning the gravel. The gravel in my tank was cleaned yet the fish inside the tank scarcely even saw that I was cleaning their home. This cleaner didn’t startle even the small fish in my tank.

You can likewise use this tank cleaner really on larger tanks because the pump should be lowered in the water. Because of its size, you can’t use this successfully on tanks smaller than 30-gallons. There won’t be sufficient water to go over the pump, which, thusly, will bring about the pump motor overheating.

This is likely the nearest that aquarium vacuum cleaners can come to genuine vacuum cleaners. The fundamental explanation is that this one is power fueled also. In any case, assuming you just have small aquariums, it probably won’t work for what you have, so remember that when you are shopping.

4. Hygger Automatic Fish Tank Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Works without using electricity
  • Can use any tap in the house
  • Useful for partial/complete water changes
  • Easy to use – There are no special tools needed for installation


  • The plastic connector used on the faucet is quite fragile

The pleasant thing about this aquarium cleaner is that it can clean the gravel productively without the requirement for an external pump. You associate the opposite end on your faucet and when you turn on the water, it will make a siphon impact that will give suction on the channel. The more grounded the water pressure, the more grounded the suction it produces.

This set additionally accompanies every one of the fittings expected to interface the aquarium cleaner to any faucet in your home. This implies that regardless of whether you have a strung faucet, you can in any case use this tool.

In addition, this set accompanied a decent length of elastic tubing, which permitted me to use any faucet in the house. I as a rule use the one in the downstairs bathroom because it has the most noteworthy water pressure.

Besides cleaning the gravel, this tool additionally proves to be useful when it comes time for halfway or complete water changes. You simply need to turn the valves in where you believe the water should head. For example, you can open the power source valve to siphon water out, and afterward close it and transform on the faucet to return water to the tank.

This is likewise quite simple to use. In addition to the fact that working this aquarium vacuum is cleaner simple, yet get together and the establishment was additionally a breeze. Since I am intimately acquainted with these sorts of items, I didn’t have to take a gander at the instructions to construct and introduce the device. I didn’t have to use any tools to set it up appropriately.

The main problem I have with this tool is that the plastic fittings, particularly the strung ones, were not quite as sturdy as I would have believed them should be. The strung plastic connector for the hose got stripped after only a month of use.

Fortunately, there was an indistinguishable one made of metal in my neighborhood home improvement shop so I may as yet use this clever item.

This probably won’t seem like a lot however on the off chance that you need to, you can use this tool to do several different positions. I typically use this for cleaning the gravel without making the water shady. Notwithstanding, I saw that it additionally has different uses that make it more than worth the cost.

5. Fortune-Star Fish Tank Cleaner

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  • Designed in a way that the siphon can get started without using electricity
  • Has various attachments for added versatility
  • Ergonomic design that won’t get your arm wet
  • Convenient for emptying tank


  • The rubber tubing is too big for the outlet

With the assistance of simple physics, you can keep your aquarium clean and healthy. This might look confounding, however, it is just a siphon framework, but you never again need to suck toward one side of the hose using your mouth. I loved the trigger plan of the priming pump. It makes it much more straightforward to get the water flowing.

This device accompanies several attachments that add a lot of uses. I like the extension tubing because I have a 50-gallon tank, and this extra assists me with arriving at the corners without getting my arm wet. In the event that you have a large tank, you would like the additional arrive at this tank cleaner accompanies.

As referenced before, this aquarium cleaner will allow you to clean the gravel and furthermore scratch off the green growth along the edges of the tank, all without getting your arm wet. I enjoyed the single-handed grip of the handle. It feels comfortable. It is like you are using an actual vacuum cleaner and the trigger-shaped priming pump is likewise simple to use.

Besides cleaning the tank, I likewise use this for halfway and complete water changes. I preferred that I could fix the gulf line to the side of the tank so I didn’t have to hold it until the tank was unfilled. Not expecting to steadily scoop water out of the tank makes water changes at this point not such an errand.

The main issue I had with this device is that the hose that accompanied it is altogether too large. The hose felt free when associated with the power source tube. I needed to put a touch of Teflon tape on the power source to make the hose fit cozy. This isn’t that a lot of an issue, yet it would have been exceptional on the off chance that I didn’t have to fix it myself.

Albeit this needs a touch of tweaking to make it work right, it is as yet a strong tool for aquarium support. I as of now not fear water changes since I started using this device. It has become rather charming in some way.

6. Enomol Gravel Aquarium Vacuum Cleaning

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  • Completely safe for fish
  • Can attach to almost all kinds of faucets
  • Can remove and refill water into the tank
  • Makes water changes easier and less messy


  • Does not drain water quite as fast as I wanted it to

I have had the misfortune of having sucked more than one small fish through a gravel cleaner yet this isn’t plausible with this item. For starters, the channel tube is large and clear, so I could check whether any small fish or shrimp incidentally swam into it.

There is additionally a small mesh that keeps gravel and fish from going through the tube. It is a safeguard that functions admirably.

This best electric gravel vacuum accompanies a total arrangement of connectors so you can append the power source part to any faucet you could have in your house. This pack likewise accompanies a long elastic hose that can arrive at the faucet in my front yard.

This advances back in unloading out the dirty tank water. It is far superior to hauling buckets loaded with water and spilling a lot of them on my family room floor.

Besides eliminating water from the tank, you can likewise use this to top off it without any problem. I simply need to shut down the faucet, close the power source valve, and turn on the water once more. This time, the water goes into the tank rather than out. Before I used this tool, it required a whole end-of-the-week evening to do half-water changes however presently, it just takes me an hour probably.

The pleasant thing about this device is that assuming you have respectable water tension in your house, the suction will be sufficiently able to eliminate all the gunk trapped in the middle of the gravel in the substrate. I use this tool for week-by-week water changes and for cleaning the tank simultaneously.

Notwithstanding, despite the fact that I have fair water pressure, this actually couldn’t deplete water quite as quickly as I would have needed it to. It is undoubtedly because of the small measurement of the elastic hose that accompanied the pack. On the off chance that it was a piece more extensive, more water ought to have the option to move through it.

Albeit this isn’t the quickest method for emptying water from your aquarium, it is a lot of cleaners and bother-free. Not expecting to convey buckets of dirty water across my parlor, meanwhile spilling a couple of their items on the floor, makes this item more than worth its cost.

7. AQQA Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

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  • Has multiple uses
  • Comes with an extendable handle for larger tanks
  • Useful for draining and filling the aquarium
  • Electric powered, which means there is no need to pump manually


  • Not ideal for smaller tanks

This isn’t simply a gravel cleaner yet a tool that accompanies different attachments, permitting it to have different capacities. For example, an undisputed top choice is the corner suction channel. This attachment is shaped perfectly with the goal that it can squeeze into corners without any problem.

You can likewise use it for cleaning bigger tanks, on account of the broadening handle. I have two aquariums at home – one is a 30-gallon tank that is to some degree shallow and a more profound 50-gallon tank. I use this device not reached out on the 30-gallon and completely stretched out for the 50-gallon one.

Besides cleaning the tank, I likewise use this device for water changes. I simply need to associate the elastic hose that accompanied the pack and put the opposite end into a pail to deplete the tank and converse the positions while topping off the tank. I favor using this pump for topping off because it is gentler than pouring water straightforwardly from buckets.

I approve of siphon gravel cleaners yet this electric-fueled one is a lot more straightforward to use and more proficient. The electric sub pump is equipped for moving 320 gallons each hour, which is quite impressive. This makes a suction force that is sufficiently able to lift all of the dirt and waste at the bottom of the tank.

Presently, here’s the issue. This cleaner isn’t great for smaller tanks. The submarine pump should be totally lowered to work and assuming there are attachments introduced, the pump could look out of the outer layer of the water. For this reason, I actually use the older style siphon when I am managing my smaller aquariums.

This item is the best aquarium cleaner assuming you have a large aquarium, similar to something more than the 30-gallons limit. With that, changing the water will be much more straightforward than physically scooping out water into buckets. In addition, you get to clean the gravel and tank simultaneously.

8. Piosoo Fish Tank Gravel Cleaner Tube

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  • Much easier to use and more efficient compared to siphons
  • Comes with a faucet adapter with a quick-release connector
  • Can switch from draining to refilling with a flick of a switch
  • Makes water change faster and a lot less messy


  • The valve is not durable

I’m not despising siphon aquarium cleaning packs however this best electric aquarium vacuum is incomprehensibly superior on all records. You don’t have to pump anything to get the water flowing (simply turn on the faucet).

Also, you can guide the dirty water directly to the channel as opposed to filling buckets. I have two 50-gallon tanks and this device made water changes a ton more straightforward.

This device works by associating the power source to any faucet. At the point when you turn on the water, it will suck out the water from the delta inside the aquarium because of Bernoulli’s impact. It doesn’t make any difference what faucet you decide to use as this pack accompanies the right connector for it. I use the faucet in my nursery since I use the tank water to take care of my bloom bed.

One more flawless component of this device is that after I have emptied sufficient water out of the tank, I can start topping off it with simply a flick of a valve switch. A ball valve in the power source stops the depleting system and the water coming from the faucet will go straightforwardly into the tank. I could flawlessly go from depleting to topping off in a moment.

I love this device because besides working really hard at cleaning the gravel substrate of my tanks, it likewise made the once monotonous errand of water evolving simple. I never again need to haul around weighty buckets of stinky water across the house to my nursery.

I joined my nursery hose to the power source so I can straightforwardly water my plants using the water from my aquarium.

Presently, I in all actuality do disapprove of the valve switch. It isn’t at all strong. After a couple of uses, I figured out how to break the switch of the ball valve. It is made completely of delicate plastic. Fortunately, I had the option to observe a new part completely made of metal.

In spite of the fact that it could appear as though it is intricate to introduce, which it isn’t, I still enthusiastically suggest that you look at it. This won’t just assist you with keeping your fish tank clean, yet will likewise take care of the once drawn-out errand of supplanting your aquarium’s water.

9. ATPWONZ Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

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  • No need for electricity
  • Helps with water changes
  • Extendable tube for larger tanks
  • Perfectly safe for small fish and crustaceans


  • The priming pump is not sturdy at all

In the event that you are the type who is apprehensive about using power around water, then you would cherish this aquarium cleaner. It works altogether on the siphoning impact. Assuming the power source is lower than the channel, the water will deplete. I appreciate using it just in light of how cool it functions and because it functions admirably in cleaning the gravel substrate of my aquarium.

Besides cleaning the gravel, I likewise use this when I really want to deplete my aquariums for a week after week fractional water changes. I used to eliminate water manually, which gets drawn out rather rapidly because I have three large tanks. In any case, with the use of this tool, depleting water has become practically effortless.

As I referenced before, I have large aquariums (one is 100 gallons), which is the reason I appreciated that it is extendable to clean tubes. This assisted me with cleaning the bottom of my larger tanks without getting my arms wet. I additionally loved the included green growth scrubber. It made cleaning my fish tanks a ton more straightforward.

One of my tanks contains a school of small fish (tetras, mollies, and so forth) and I haven’t coincidentally sucked up any of them when I use this gravel cleaner. Beside being extremely cautious, there is additionally a kind of sifter connected inside the gravel cleaner that forestalls pieces of gravel and small fish from overcoming.

I truly do definitely dislike the pump that starts the water flowing through the siphon – that is the way that it isn’t so strong. I have been using mine for nearly 30 days of the week after week water changes for three tanks, and the pump as of now has a small opening in it. I figured out how to fix it up using conduit tape yet I sort of wanted that it was a piece sturdier.

Despite the fact that I generally disapproved of the priming pump following half a month of use, I figured out how to rescue it in some way or another. For the value, this has been quite a useful tool, and ideally, the makers would execute quality upgrades soon.

10. Bedee Aquarium Automatic Cleaner Vacuum

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  • Has 4 functions in one compact product
  • Features a powerful pump
  • Useful on tanks with low water levels
  • Suitable for use on tanks up to 200 gallons


  • The hose connector is not as tight as it needs to be

The pleasant thing about this item is that it is a 4-in-1 item. It isn’t simply a gravel cleaner yet it can likewise eliminate fish waste suspended in the water and scratch off green growth from the sides of the tank. It is likewise a pump that you can use to deplete and fill the tank.

I was astonished at how strong the inherent water pump is given its small size. Despite the fact that it is an underlying pump, it has 18 watts of force, permitting it to move a great deal of water. This pump gives a sizable amount of ability to suck out the fish crap trapped in the middle of the gravel and settled at the bottom of the tank.

Not at all like other gravel cleaners with pumps, this is one of the most incredible gravel vacuums for small tanks. I use this on my 20-gallon tank, the pump actually remains lowered in the water because it is set so coming up short on the device. Notwithstanding, I truly do need to watch out for it while cleaning small tanks as the water level will in general go down faster.

Discussing the size of the tanks, you can in any case use this small fish tank gravel vacuum for tanks up to 200-gallons. I have a 150-gallon tank and cleaning it is quite simple using this device (with the extension tube). It might arrive at the bottom corners without any problem. I additionally saw that it does everything without worrying my fish.

I disliked the power source hose association as it was not generally so close as I maintained that it should be. It is likewise spilling air, which essentially lessens how much suction this device produces. Notwithstanding, I had the option to cure it effectively using a hose brace, which ought to have been remembered for the set.

For the value, you are getting a nice sub-pump gravel cleaner. This works effectively at eliminating the overwhelming majority, of strong waste that is in the gravel and on the bottom of the tank. I enthusiastically suggest this for the people who own essentially a 30-gallon tank. Despite the fact that you can use this on a shallow tank, you risk wearing out the pump motor.

What to Look For When Buying an Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner

Top 10 Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaners In 2022 Reviews
Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaners

Amateurs at keeping aquariums could find it hard to search for a decent aquarium vacuum cleaner, so here’s a speedy manual for making this task a piece simpler. You ought to look at these critical variables:

Tank Size

At the point when you are searching for a manual or electric aquarium vacuum for your aquarium, you really want to think about the size of your tank most importantly. You would have zero desire to waste your cash on an electric aquarium gravel vacuum on the off chance that the tank isn’t even large to the point of keeping it lowered.

Then again, you would have zero desire to use a little siphon assuming that you are cleaning a 100-gallon tank. You need to consider the size of your aquarium and afterward look for a vacuum cleaner that is fit for the necessary sort of stream rate.

Attachments Included

The pleasant thing about aquarium vacuum cleaners is that a large portion of them accompany attachments that give them greater usefulness. The most well-known attachments you will find are gravel cleaners. In any case, a few brands accompany green growth scrubbers and furthermore broadened hoses for water changes.

Ease of Use

Before, we needed to use simple elastic hoses to eliminate water from our aquariums and it generally involved getting a significant piece of sickening tank water. These days, gravel cleaner siphons previously accompany hand pumps to get the water flowing.

This is much more straightforward and less untidy. There are even items that have inherent water pumps that assist a great deal with tanks with gigantic bio loads.


I might want to say that you are receiving whatever would be fair with regards to aquarium vacuum cleaners, yet there are numerous affordable ones out there that perform at standard with the costly brands.

In any case, you should swim through a lot of client reviews to sort out which ones merit your cash.

FAQs – Best Gravel Cleaner For Fish Tank

Is it OK to clean sand using gravel cleaner?

The sand substrate in aquariums can be cleaned using a gravel vacuum cleaner. Use a guide to clean out the dirt. Simply ensure you avoid the direct at all costs so as not to suck out sand. Additionally, there are fine and coarse sand cleaning filters accessible with many gravel cleaners. The ideal decision will rely on the size of sand you have in the gravel.

What factors decide the right gravel cleaner size?

Pick your gravel cleaner relying on your tank tallness. This will decide the suction tube length of your cleaner. Some gravel cleaners accompany a short gravel tube and extension handles. You ought to gauge the all-out length of the tool and guarantee it is higher than your tank tallness to use gloves while changing aquarium water.

I have a deep aquarium. What is the best way to clean gravel?

The further your aquarium, the really difficult it is to clean. You need to pick models with longer tube lengths. If still unfit to clean appropriately, water change gloves are suggested. You go right in and get the best reach without getting your hands or garments chaotic.

Is it OK to wash aquarium gravel?

It is an outright should to wash new gravel completely until there is no seriously obfuscating. New gravel of any size accompanies instructions to do an exhaustive washing and afterward put it in the tank. For used fish tanks as well, washing aquarium gravel routinely is prescribed to get it cleaned completely. Contingent on the sort of gravel you have used, pick the right cleaner to go about your business.

How frequently should aquarium gravel be cleaned?

For the best support of your aquarium, you ought to clean your aquarium gravel somewhere around once in about fourteen days. Now and then it can happen that aquarium can start to seem unclean sooner than this. In such cases, more regular cleaning is suggested. The thing is to watch out for apparent water quality and do the needful.

Conclusion – Best Aquarium Vacuum Cleaners

The best aquarium vacuum cleaner will end up being one of the most used tools you will have in your aquarium upkeep wardrobe. The explanation is that most gravel cleaners accomplish more than one work. The majority of them are likewise water siphons that you can use for water changes.

Now that you arrived at the finish of this article, you might have picked up all that you really want to realize while looking for aquarium gravel cleaners.

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