Betta Fish Names

Betta Fish Names: 700+ Best Names (Male, Female, Color, Gender, & More)

Just because our fish are quiet and confined to their aquariums doesn’t mean they can’t have a name! Apart from their ability to recognize you, names are among the most personable characteristics of fish.

So, what type of name do you believe best describes your Betta fish? Let’s have a look at how to choose a Betta fish names.

How Do I Name My Betta Fish?

To assist you to come up with some similar concepts, here are a couple of category suggestions:

Popular Inspirational Sources

If you’re having trouble coming up with a name for your Betta fish, I propose simply watching it! What distinguishes him or her? Do they seem to be very active? Despite the fact that he’s been in your care for a few weeks, he’s a little shy?

How about their physical appearance? Do they have any patterns that remind you of a beloved character or a dominating color that you must notice?

Last but not least, what qualities do you seek in a name? Do you want something that makes you laugh, think, or feel or something that just describes your fish in a functional way?

You can name your Betta fish in a variety of ways. That’s why I’ve put together the following lists to help you get started with your Betta fish! Even if the specific name you’re looking for isn’t in any of these tables, each list touches on common themes that may lead to a completely new discovery!

Male or Female?

Before naming your Betta, make sure you know if it’s a male or female Betta. While many of these names are appropriate for either gender, some are better suited to one.

Male Bettas have the long fins, vibrant colors, and fiery personalities that have made these fish famous all around the world. They are generally kept alone in separate bowls since they are intolerant and aggressive, but they really require a bit of aquarium swimming space to be happy and healthy.

Female Bettas have more regular fins and are more cooperative with one another. They aren’t always as colorful, therefore they’re a little harder to come across in the hobby. If you want to breed your Bettas, you’ll need to find a few more after you’ve decided on names for them all!

Here are some sex-specific Betta names to consider for both male and female Bettas!

Male & Female Betta Fish Names

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Here are some wonderful male and female betta fish names to consider:

Male Betta Fish Names:

AbbottZuluTheordoreSun TzuSpikeSpartacusSharkSaul
MulderMorganMiyamotoMinosMaxMatLukeLu Bu

Male Betta Fish Names I Like:

The male bear, huge and elderly. Bettas frequently develop hunchbacks, long flowing fins, and a sour disposition. All of this is described in four simple letters by Bear.

Chester is a classic, masculine, and neutral name. Why not go with this one if you’re not a fan of busy, incredibly creative, or amusing names?

Finn is a name I like because it’s both hilarious and typically male. After all, it’s the fins that draw us to Bettas!

Scout is a great Betta fish name for someone who is always on the move. Bettas prefer to be continuously searching for morsels of food, busy tank mates, or other Bettas to show off to when maintained nice and warm.

Tank: As much for the fun factor as for the actual descriptive factor, this is a fantastic name. He’s in a tank, and he’s also built like one! … Do you get it?

Female Betta Fish Names:


Female Betta Fish Names I Like:

Alyssa is a common, classic female name that is suitable for both people and Bettas.

Elsa is the wildly beloved heroine of Disney’s “Frozen.” Great for the female Betta in your tank who is blue, white, or purple! Just make certain she has access to a heater!

Olivia is one of the top five most popular baby girl names in the United States right now. Because you’re probably familiar with Olivia, why not turn it into a Betta fish name?

What could be a more fitting name for a regal female Betta than Queen? Female Bettas are bold and dignified, even if they are not aggressive, and they typically live happily in betta fish sororities, which are groups of princesses with a single dominant queen in control!

Zelda is the feminine form of the Yiddish name Selig, which means “blessed.” Today, it is best known for its connection to the Nintendo game “The Legend of Zelda.”

Color-based Betta Fish Names

istockphoto 1344592289 612x612 min

Here are some name suggestions based on your Betta fish’s color:

Red Betta Fish Names:


Red Betta Fish Names That I Like:

Whether you like the gum or not, we can all agree that Big Red is a terrific Betta name! It works best with an aggressive, huge, single-male Betta and conjures up dreams of cinnamony delight.

Hibiscus is a flower that has huge, beautiful flowers that look like Betta fish fins! Hibiscus is also used to make candies and a delightful scarlet-colored tea.

Mars is a great name for an aggressive red male Betta fish. Mars, the Roman God of War, is also the name of the fourth planet from the Sun!

Miss Frizzle, are you a fan of the animated series The Magic School Bus? Miss Frizzle’s bright red hair was a highlight of the presentation.

Firecracker: don’t you think the open flowing fins or flared gills of a red Betta look a lot like the explosive blasts of holiday fireworks? Your Betta’s personality can also be described as a “firecracker.”

Rooibos: maybe you and your Betta are a little more laid-back. If you enjoy herbal teas, red Rooibos is a popular choice all around the world. Why not use this Betta fish name to make a statement?

The Latin term for the Sun is Sol. What better name for a pet with fins that stream like the Sun’s early rays than Betta?

Vulcan: The Romans had a knack for coming up with catchy Betta fish names! Vulcan, the god of fire, forges, and volcanoes, was a god of fire, forges, and volcanoes. All of them have a blazing red fire heart.

Blue Betta Fish Names:

AzureBaby BlueBlueBerryBlauw

Blue Betta Fish Names I Like:

In Tolkien’s fictional realm, Aeluin is a pure blue mountain lake. The Lord of the Rings fishkeeper will love this.

Aquamarine is a shade of blue that is somewhat darker than Sky but not quite as dark as Indigo. This could be the finest name for your blue Betta if he has brighter tones!

Blueberry is one of the most common names for any blue pet, fish, or otherwise. It’s bright and easy on the eyes.

Indigo: Of all the blues, Indigo may be the most similar to the color of a healthy male Betta. Dark, complicated, and melancholy in a way. What could be a more fitting name for a Betta fish?

Larkspur is a lovely blue and purple flower that grows throughout much of the United States. Betta fish fins are reminiscent of their delicate petals.

Neptune is a Roman sea god. If you prefer the Greek version, consider Poseidon!

Black Betta Fish Names:

AshBlack PearlChocolateCocoaCoffeeCoffee BeanCola

Black Betta Fish Names I Like:

Another Asian name with a lot of personalities is Amaya. In Japanese, Amaya means “night rain.”

Angus: just like the highly prized cattle. Just like your Betta fish, it’s jet black! Hopefully, your Betta is a bit chubby and male!

Black Beauty: based on the horse from the same-named classic novel, Black Beauty is ideal for any black pet, Betta, bird, or dog!

Jet is a beautiful rock that isn’t as well-known as diamonds and other more expensive gemstones. It has a silky smooth black tone that seems to continue on forever, and it’s a predecessor to coal.

Kuro is a Japanese term that means “beautiful.” It technically means “black,” but it can also refer to a wise individual! Is this Betta fish’s name a good fit for him or her?

Yellow & Orange Betta Fish Names:


Yellow and orange Betta Fish Names I Like:

Gleam: this name is appropriate for any color Betta, especially if he has a few shiny scales that catch the light as he waits to be fed!

Sunstar: While both Sun and Star work well on their own, they perform even better together, emphasizing his sparkling beauty and demeanor.

Sunrise and sunset are two magnificent periods when the sun’s light changes color from red to orange. This could be the perfect name for your Betta if it’s a combination of warm hues.

Rainbow Betta Fish Names:


Rainbow Betta Fish Names I Like:

Chaos: This Betta fish name is perfect for multicolored Bettas with no pattern other than having as many colors as possible. This is much more effective if your Betta’s color changes over time.

Bettas with both red and green rhubarb are uncommon. If you do manage to locate one, this is the ideal name to emphasize his or her uniqueness.

Twilight is a wonderful Betta fish name for fish with a variety of dark colors, such as blue, purple, and black.

Ethnic Betta Fish Names

istockphoto 1293307897 612x612 min

There are dozens of ethnic names suited for a Betta fish on the market! Consider adding any of your own to this list if you come from another ancient culture.

Meanwhile, here are some suggestions from various places with unique and colorful fish names!

Thai Betta Fish Names:

RamaQueen SikiritPhra Mae ThoraniOudomOlan
Nuk SooNearideiNaresuanNagaMuay Thai

Thai Betta Fish Names I Like:

Arthit is a name with a lot of personalities. In Thai, this is known as “a man of the Sun.”

Buppha is a flowering plant and a good name for almost any Betta fish color.

Thailand’s Nearidei is a white flower. This is a fantastic name for a Betta that is white or purple and white.

Plakat is perhaps the best Thai Betta fish name because it is so straightforward. Betta is the Thai name for the fish Betta, which means “biting fish” in English. What a perfect match!

Asian Betta Fish Names:


Asian Betta Fish Names I Like:

Chong: This Chinese name is particularly popular among Chinese Singaporeans, as well as in Mainland China, for both children and pets!

Don-Don is a great name that is simple yet carries the flavor of Asia! It is simple, charming, and undoubtedly Japanese!

Rangaku Gozen is a well-known historical person who lived about 900 years ago in ancient Japan as a warrior woman. What a great name for a female Betta fish!

Sushi: a dash of wit goes a long way! Why not try this wonderful Japanese name, which is as well-known as the cuisine from which it comes?

China’s currency is the yuan. Given how valuable and sought-after Bettas are, this is an excellent name for your fish!

Greek Betta Fish Names:


Greek Betta Fish Names I Like:

Artemis is a Greek goddess who is associated with hunting, wild animals, and the Moon. This is a great choice if you have a female Betta who enjoys Greek mythology.

Bartholomew is a traditional, classic name that can be worn by almost any male Betta!

Corfu is one of the Aegean Sea’s most picturesque Greek islands. Mediterranean weather, former abroad travels, and sky blue fins (or waterways) have all inspired me!

Pandora: the fabled box of secrets that brought death and other calamities to humanity. Consider this one if your Betta is a closely guarded secret that you keep hidden to shield the rest of the world from their anger.

Zeus is everything that makes the Greek gods Gods: lustful, violent, wrathful, and incredibly powerful. The ideal name for an elderly, self-assured male Betta who is in charge of his aquarium!

Funny and Cool Betta Fish Names

istockphoto 692132184 612x612 min

Are you looking for a good laugh? Here are some names for Betta fish that are amusing:

Funny Betta Fish Names

AegirAlgaemakerAnd ChipsAnn ChovyAqualadAquamanArielAtlantis
BaitBarbieBetta FettBetta maxBetta WhiteBettamaleBettamanBones
Bubble FettButchCaptain HookCevicheChumCujoDexterDJ Betta
DonatelloErieFeatherweightFidoFinleyFish StickFishboyFishgirl
FishyFloaterFlounderFriedGastonGenghis KarpGill ClintonGoldy
Harley FinnJabberjawJacques CosteauJawsJumboKermitLeonardoMagikarp
MarlinMelvilleMichael PhelpsMichelangeloMoby DickNemoOscarSardine
Tartar SauceSharkiraShrimpSkipperSpikeSwedishSpongebobSwim Shady

Funny Betta Fish Names I Like:

Gillbert is a timeless name with a hidden joke in the spelling! When you tell someone your name, you have a secret smile on your face.

Spongebob Bettapants, or Spongebob for short, is a fictional character created by Stephen Hillenburg. Who lives under the sea in a pineapple?

When it comes to sushi, it’s sometimes a good idea to name it when you’re hungry. Bettas, on the other hand, are far too young and insignificant to be edible!

Personality-based Betta Fish Names:


Personality-based Betta Fish Names I Like:

Rowdy: This is a fantastic Betta fish name for both male and female Bettas! While females are more subdued, both have notoriously nasty tempers!

Sassy is a name given to female Betta fish. If you decide to join a Betta sorority, you may need to come up with a few additional names!

Slick is a great name for a male Betta because it conjures up images of a smart, gorgeous, beguiling young man. Preferably one who is very aware of his own slickness!

Strong: This name serves as a fantastic reminder to keep going when things get rough!

Pop Culture Betta Fish Names

BarneyBaxterBlutoBoba FettBoltBoomerBowserBruce Wayne
hanHedwigHerculesHobbesHoney BunnyJabbaJaimeJasmine
PhoebePigletRileyRin Tin TinRobinRocketRockyScooby
SullyTazThanosThorTom NookTrampTrinityTywin

Pop Culture Betta Fish Names I Like:

Arya: What do we say to Death’s God? Today is not the day! That is, as long as you keep up with regular water changes!

When approached with another guy, we’ve all seen male Bettas hulk out…

Alternatively, a mirror. This is the ideal moniker for the small, irritable fish in your life.

Leonidas: Even if your Betta doesn’t hulk out, you can bet he’ll feel compelled to thrash any guys in his area of vision. If your boyfriend is an alpha looking for a fight, Leonidas is the appropriate Betta fish name for him!

Tyron is the name I’d give to weirdly colored Bettas with flaws like broken fins or hunched backs. It’s short, twisted, and all too clever.

Wilma: Do you have a sassy female Betta who can keep her husband in check? It’s even better if it’s a white Betta!

Meme Inspired Betta Fish Names

ErmahgerdFailGangnamGrumpy CatGosling
WonkaRickrollSlender ManTrollolo

Meme Inspired Betta Fish Names I Like:

They’re all there. A good meme may not be ageless, but it will certainly make your pals chuckle if they understand it!


There are as many Betta fish names as there are for any other pet, believe it or not! From classic and timeless to the latest pop culture or meme references, there’s a name that will perfectly describe your pet Betta! Good luck deciding and let me know if there’s a name you think truly belongs in this collection!


Since you’ve arrived at this website, I’m guessing you’ve just returned home with your new betta fish. I wanted to use this time to debunk a few prevalent betta fish myths that could be harmful to your new pet’s health.

Can Bettas live in a bowl?

Betta fish are not meant to be kept in bowls. Big corporate pet stores perpetuate the illusion that betta fish are comfortable living in severely limited settings in order to sell more fish. Your betta should be kept in a tank with at least 10 gallons of water. Regular 10-gallon tanks are extremely inexpensive (typically around $10) and will provide a far more pleasant environment than a little glass bowl.

Many individuals are unaware that smaller tanks need more effort than larger tanks. Due to the smaller water capacity, small aquariums become dirty considerably faster and undergo far more fluctuations than larger tanks.

Getting a bigger tank at the start would not only benefit your betta fish, but it will also save you money on maintenance.

Do Bettas require filters?

While betta fish are more resilient than other freshwater aquarium fish, they still require filtration. Filters do more than only remove garbage and uneaten food; they also offer aeration, water flow, and keep water from becoming stagnant. This is where we get into greater detail on the subject.

Do Bettas require the use of heaters?

Betta fish, like the filter mentioned above, require a heater to survive. They are from hot climes, and tanks without heaters frequently fall below the safe temperature range.

Can Betta fish live in bad water conditions?

This misconception stems from the popular belief that betta fish live in little puddles in the wild. Even though their natural bodies of water are shallow, they are frequently kilometers long, allowing bettas to swim freely and openly. The water is not as filthy and stagnant as we sometimes believe.

Does Betta fish eat plant roots?

A new trend of “aquaponic” tanks that are said to be “self-sustaining” has caught my eye. The theory is that the betta fish and the plant have a symbiotic relationship in which the betta fish offer nutrients to the plant through excrement and the plant delivers nutrients to the betta fish through their roots as a food source.

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